Making use of years of experience and settling thousands of cases for our clients, based on a deep knowledge of the law, using the traditional and the latest communication tools, our law firm provides individual and institutional clients (especially entrepreneurs) a comprehensive and effective legal assistance based on the highest standards, not only through representation in litigation and out of court, but also by giving legal advice and participation in mediations and arbitrations.

Our law firm has all technical facilities enabling remote contact with our clients. Our joint meetings can take place not only in the comfort and privacy of our headquarters in Poznan, but also in our branch in Wolsztyn and if necessary outside the office in place convenient for our client.

The main objective of our law firm is to identify the best ways to deal with situations that seem difficult or even hopeless for our clients. We try to prove that in any situation rule "not argument of strength, but the strength of the argument" is applicable. We are confident that we can prepare and present such arguments that no force is able to overcome.